The Complete Solution

We provide complete factoring solutions tailored to fit your needs. From planning and analysis to scalable growth.

Compass Funding Solution welcomed its first customers over twenty years ago. The following years marked a period of significant growth and superiority regarding the range of trucking companies and customers covered. In addition, the quality of the services provided continued to expand and once more confirmed Compass to be the leading provider of factoring services.

Factoring Objectives:

  • Creating value for a customer
  • Building a strong receivables financing
  • Quality measurement and monitoring

Taking it step by step

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    Business Analysis

    We examine your business to understand how it works so we can make a detailed factoring solution tailored to fit your needs.

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    Detailed Planning

    We design a factoring plan that aligns with your company’s needs and goals.

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    Dependability and Monitoring

    You have confidence in growing your business with intelligent software solutions and customer service that understands transportation.

Your Benefits

Compass Funding Solutions helps carriers focus on what they do best; maintain and build relationships with brokers and shippers. We can handle credit management, billing, collecting, and cash application. By outsourcing these tasks, a carrier, or any company, can maximize its resources and profits.

At Compass Funding Solutions, we compensate brokers with one of the highest commission structures in the industry. In addition, we provide brokers with continuous communication as it pertains to the status of their business. Check out our Broker Plan and join today.