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A federal court of appeals has affirmed a ruling that puts Celadon Trucking Services on the hook for back pay and benefits to more than 400 workers who were terminated within two weeks of the company purchasing an Arkansas-based carrier.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling July 5, ruling that the company owes former employees under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

The province of British Columbia is rolling back speed limits on two highways following an increase in crashes after the provincial transportation ministry introduced speed increases in 2014.

The speed limits for Highway 1 from Hope to Boston Bar are being rolled back from 100 km/h to 90 km/h and on Highway 5A from Princeton to the junction with Highway 97C from 90 km/h to 80 km/h. Ministry officials told Land Line that ministry engineers determined that reducing the speed limits on these sections is the best solution to reduce the crash rate.

More demand for EVs expected in the Northeast, research firm says.
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