We Advance Money on Freight Bills

- Funding Within 24 Hours
- Competitive Rates
- No Minimum Fees

Full service Factoring Programs for Trucking Industry

- Invoice Auditing
- Credit Check for Your Brokers
- 24/7 Internet Access to Your Account


Run your Business Fast and Smooth

- Customer Oriented staff with industry experience
- Consulting in Transportation Regulation
- Dispatch Consulting
- Discounted Overnight program
- Discounted Trailer Lease
- Compass Insurance
- Compass Truck Sales
- Compass Fuel Card Program


Quick and Easy Set-up

- Fill Out Our Application and Fax it Back
- We Will Process it and Discuss Plans with You
- SAME day Approval


Collection Services

 We have a team of collection professionals, specifically trained and dedicated to the transportation industry. They work with transportation debt every day, and are extremely well versed in pursuing freight receivables.