About CFS


Compass Funding Solution welcomed its first customers back in 2008.The following years marked a period of significant growth and superiority regarding the range of trucking companies and customers covered. In addition, the quality of the services provided reached its peak and once more confirmed Compass to be the best customer service provider in the area and much wider.

Compass Funding Solutions offers wide range of immediate benefits to all customers who need:
• Exceptionally reasonable rates
• No surprising fees
• Immediate invoice processing
• Simple account set up
• Committed account representatives - always at customer’s convenience: reliable, supportive and prompt!
• Infinite access to online broker rating throughout USA




Companies choose receivables financing for a lot of good reasons: periods of rapid growth that outpace resources, slow payment from debtors, unmet start-up company projections, concentration limits that suddenly cause an existing lender to shy away from continuing to finance your business.

Whatever the reason, companies all enjoy one common benefit of factoring: enhanced cash flow. That's because factoring lets you "sell" your invoices in exchange for immediate funds. There's no waiting for customer payment to arrive.

Moreover, credit worthiness is based largely on that of your customer, not that of your company. So, compared to traditional forms of financing, factoring offers a more streamlined application and credit approval process.

Compass Funding Solutions helps carriers focus on what they do best; maintain and build relationships with brokers and shippers. We can handle credit management, billing, collecting, and cash application. By outsourcing these tasks, a carrier, or any company, can maximize its resources and profits.

Once you begin factoring and you have adequate cash flow, you can begin to pay your bills in a timelier manner and start establishing, or improving, your credit. This improves your chances of getting credit terms from suppliers and improves your chances of getting conventional financing in the future. We can even work with you if you have tax problems or are in bankruptcy.

Compass Funding Solutions will provide you with credit information on new customers, which enables you to make better credit decisions. Compass Funding Solutions will also provide ongoing credit monitoring of existing customers to make sure there is no significant diminution in their credit status.

Factoring is the only source of financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes immediately available to you. This allows you to constantly be able to meet increasing the increasing demands within your industry.